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Vodafone Sponsor Story


Vodafone Ireland was established in 2001 & since then has been the single biggest investor in new technology in the Irish telecoms industry. Over €2 billion has been invested to date in building and maintaining the network. They have embraced innovation through their 3G, 4G, 4G+ & their Internet of Things networks.

They are proud of their contribution to life in Ireland including providing employment to 2,000 people, their partnership with ISPCC Childline and their sponsorship of the Irish rugby team.

anne o leary Cool planet experience

Anne O Leary, CEO

Why sponsor the Cool Planet Experience?

For us, energy innovation & climate change is a very important societal topic. We felt the Cool Planet was a great opportunity to educate, to help people understand the challenges around extreme weather, food security & water. It is a really engaging way to bring people into this ecosystem to understand the challenge & what they can do about it.


What is Vodafone doing for the planet?

• Vodafone has a strong track record in driving action in the area of Climate Change. In 2009 Vodafone initiated the ‘Irish Corporate Leaders on Climate Change’ Group with Business in the Community. Today Vodafone is an active member of the CSR stakeholder group, first set up by Minister Bruton in 2012. In 2016 Vodafone received the Business Working Responsibly Mark by BITC for our cross company sustainability activity. In the same year we were also proud to achieve the ISO 50001 standard for energy management and to receive a Chambers Ireland CSR award.

• Energy Innovation remains a core part of our sustainability strategy and we are working hard to optimise Vodafone’s energy use and help customers optimise their consumption. Using smart meters to monitor energy demand and adjust supply accordingly is one such example.

• Demonstrating Vodafone’s commitment to driving a ‘Smart City’ and keeping Ireland at the forefront of smart technology innovation globally, Vodafone has recently launched a Narrowband Internet of Things (NB-IoT) network. NB-IoT operates on a low frequency which means that millions more devices can be connected to the internet enabling the creation of cutting-edge smart city solutions. Two such examples of this are smart rubbish bins - which will alert a local authority when full, reducing cost and improving the city’s cleanliness and low cost connected sensors that will communicate gully blockages to the council before they become a flood hazard or risk

• Vodafone is committed to ensuring that our work always delivers positive social outcomes, not just commercial and financial success. We always strive to act responsibly and with integrity at all levels, wherever we operate.

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Did you know?

Vodafone Ireland installed robot shaped recycling units in 2013 to their offices in Leopardstown to encourage their 1200 employees to recycle properly & reduce their landfill waste.