Stomp Rockets

‘Stomp-Rockets’ that can shoot up to 50m high! This IS Rocket Science!

Students will learn about the link between climate and energy by designing their own stomp-rocket. They see how clever energy storage and conversion can deliver clean and free power, capable of fuelling the world. They will discover how stomp-rockets work by:

  • Converting stored energy (trapped air in a 2 litre bottle)

  • Creating moving energy (the rocket thrust)

  • Applying pressure (stomping on the bottle, which is connected to the rocket!!)

Learning outcomes: 

  • Investigate forces and simple machines

  • Investigate Newton’s Three laws of motion

  • Become aware of the relationship between force, mass and acceleration. 

  • Become aware of friction, resistance and air resistance 

  • Become aware of renewable energy and storage

All materials are supplied.