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NTR Foundation Sponsor Story


The NTR Foundation’s mission is to address the challenges of climate change & resource sustainability  by providing targeted financial support to select projects, research and organisations. It is an independent philanthropic organisation founded by NTR PLC & its establishment & funding was approved by its shareholders in 2008.

NTR Foundation Cool Planet Experience

Why sponsor the Cool Planet Experience?

The Cool Planet Experience is fun, it’s interactive & it inspires us to think about how we can all do something to help halt global warming.


What is NTR Foundation doing for the planet?

• The NTR Foundation has invested in a number of initiatives with the themes of renewable energy and addressing climate change.

• NTR Foundation has a three year partnership with Marei in UCC to fund research to explore low carbon energy futures for Ireland including identifying technology opportunities for entrepreneurs arising from a low carbon energy future and assessing these opportunities for a win win for Ireland.

• NTR Foundation is part of the Science Gallery 'Science Circle partnership" supporting their annual exhibitions with themes in the renewable energy/climate change area and provides funding for the Ideas Translation Lab, which brings together students of different disciplines to explore themes of sustainability in unique ways.

• They are also funding Birdwatch Ireland to create the first mapping of off shore marine birds

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Did you know?

That NTR Foundation has supported 15 initiatives with grant aid in excess of €2.3million