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 Executive Training


 Cool Planet Corporate Champions - Executive Training

Cool Planet Corporate Champions training provides your team with the platform to start their journey to becoming advocates and champions for climate action in your organisation. Our interactive workshop enables your team to explore climate action solutions for key high carbon areas such as transport, energy and waste. Inspired by Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership programme, our workshop will help your team understand the science and impacts of climate change, and the key solutions available right now and breakthroughs that will drive the future transition. The training will explore Ireland's position now, its challenges and where it stands globally. We provide a forum for in-depth questions and answers followed by a session where you consider how meaningfully you think about carbon in your day to day working and personal lives.

 This tailored training is delivered by Cool Planet Experience CEO Vicky Brown and Dr Cara Augustenborg, one of Ireland’s leading environmental scientists and communicators. It will provide a launch platform, enabling your team to put climate action at the centre of their business decision making and thought processes.

 Duration: Over 3 hours