Group FAQ’s

Group Discounts
We offer discounts for groups of over 10 people. General admission tour prices for adults and children are discounted by €1.

Group Facilities
We have a meeting room and a unique dome - both of which are suitable for group meetings and social gatherings should you wish to include this in your visit to Cool Planet Experience.

Group Reservations & Payment
Availability is limited so we advise booking well in advance. We do require a deposit to be paid by cheque or debit/credit card over the phone to secure a booking. This deposit is based on 50% of the expected total bill. The balance to be paid is based on the final numbers in attendance. We can issue invoice for both payments. This deposit is non-refundable in the case of 1) no show & 2) where a tour is cancelled within 48 hours.

We agree a schedule with you in advance, which ensures that your group has the best experience. If you are running more than ten minutes late we ask that you contact the centre.

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Schools FAQ’s

In addition to the group FAQs above, the following also applies for school groups.

Pricing for School Groups
We offer very competitive rates for schools. Group rates for the Cool Planet Experience tour are €6 per pupil. We also offer a 3h educational experience, which combines the interactive tour with one of our explosive climate change workshops. Prices for the 3h experience range from €15-€20.


Teachers/adults will need to remain with their students whilst completing their climate change journey. Our supervision policy is as follows:

Primary school: 1 to 10 - teacher/adult to child ratio 

Secondary school: 1 to 14 - teacher/adult to child ratio

Data & Privacy

As part of the interactive tour, children will be required to input their first name and certain data about their carbon footprint. No child’s contact information will be collected/stored. 

Code of Conduct

The tour is full of cool technology and exhibits. To protect these, it is vital that pupils do not climb or touch anything unless invited to do so. Visitors not observing this rule will be asked to leave.

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