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Crowley Carbon Sponsor Story


One of Europe’s fastest growing energy efficiency companies, Crowley Carbon focuses on reducing the energy consumption of large industrial and commercial sites. They provide intelligent solutions for energy efficiency and have grown in expertise to become the foremost multi-disciplinary energy services company in the world. Their CEO Norman Crowley is the founder of the Cool Planet Experience

norman crowley crowley carbon Cool Planet Experience

Norman Crowley, CEO

Why sponsor the Cool Planet Experience?

We see the huge business and commercial opportunities in the carbon economy whilst playing a huge role in reducing big international companies energy consumption. Yet, as a father of two children, I really feared for the lack of action around tackling the most significant global issue. A key problem is poor communication - not just the impacts but what people can do themselves. The next generation are the ones who will be living with climate change so why not build something that addresses that & communicates it in an engaging, inspiring way? Hence the Cool Planet Experience was born.


What is Crowley Carbon doing for the planet?

• We are one of Europe’s fastest growing energy efficiency companies. Our talented team of innovators have reduced the energy consumption of 300 large industrial & commercial sites all around the world.

• Our Thermal Server technology has the potential to save up to 85% of energy & we have installed this in industrial sites on a global scale.

• We are an office that primarily runs off of coffee so we have armed all our staff with their very own Keep Cup to reduce our collective coffee waste.

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Did you know?

We save our customers €10 million each year in energy costs - that’s 53 tonnes of CO2.