Dublin - Lucy

Lucy Cool Planet Champion

Name: Lucy Blennerhassett

Location: Dublin (Locally: Dun Laoghaire Rathdown)

Climate Change Hero: I have several! But my top 3 are: Greta Thunberg, Mary Robinson & David Attenborough

Sustainable living tip/life hack: In my opinion, there are two major and easy lifestyle choices you can make as an individual that directly address sustainability and the climate crisis:

1) Stop eating meat (particularly beef)

We all know the agricultural industry is a major cause behind the climate change we see today. By deciding not to partake in the consumption of ruminent animals (those that produce methane) you are playing your part in addressing the climate problem. I also stay away from dairy as much as I can.

2) Re-think what you wear

The fashion industry is one of the largest and least talked about contributors to the climate and environmental crisis. My biggest life hack, which I have embraced more recently is shopping second hand, re-purposing clothes and also buying quality over price when I need something new – because these things generally last you longer! The biggest battle however is your mindset. Opening your mind to the fact that you don’t need to go endlessly shopping for things you will hardly use is a good place to start.

Favourite food: I have way too many, but right now I’ll just say Ramen (Vegetarian)!

Twitter: @CoolPlanet_Lucy

LinkedIn: Lucy Blennerhassett