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Daire Cool Planet Champions

My name is Daire Friel. I live on the border between Fermanagh and Cavan with my wife Clare and dog Jessie.

I love to travel and see new things and places but especially love the sea and love swimming, diving and surfing (which is why I first got into climate change).

I'm an engineer and I have worked most of my career in energy and renewables. Two of my biggest accomplishments are project managing and operating one of the largest and first biomass power stations (2.7MWe) on the Island of Ireland at Balcas in Enniskillen which also was the first wood pellet manufacturing plant in the UK and Ireland and also project managing the Irelands current largest solar install in Butlers Chocolates in Clonshaugh (420kWp). I currently work for Crowley Carbon making energy reduction magic happen for our worldwide customers.

My climate change heroes are my nieces who constantly amaze me with their knowledge and the effort they go to to save their planet.

My biggest tips for being your own climate change hero are

1. Grow some of your own veg. It's really rewarding and you don't need much space.

2. Use a keep cup and reusable water bottle

3. Holiday in Ireland. It's more beautiful than anywhere on earth.

4. Harass your politicians to help in the climate change battles they wont know you care unless you show them.

My Favorite food: it used to be steak....but now it's my own veg...and occasionally steak.

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