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Wicklow - Kevin
Kevin Cool Planet Champions

Name: Kevin Murphy

Location: Originally, Bray, Co.Wicklow. Currently, Paris, France (until at least mid-2020)

Interests: Playing Music, walking forest trails, putting on events, learning new things

Climate Change hero: Elon Musk. Sure, an imperfect figure, but probably the most impactful example I can think of. From the proliferation of electric cars, to solar technology improvements, and whatever he thinks of next (not to mention his inspirational space exploration work - though its environmental benefits can be debated). Musk has conceptualised or rescued several major technologies that are positively changing the world right now!

Sustainable living tip/life hack: If you're not willing to go vegetarian, remember that eating less meat is still of huge environmental significance. Try removing meat from your lunches, or dinner. Or try never buy meat for use at home, but allow yourself to order it out as a treat. You can actually save a lot of money this way too. Most importantly, remember that it's impossible to have a 0% footprint, and even if you had one, others still won't. Try do your best, and let that be enough. You can be sure that it will inspire others to do their best too. Three people being 50% as good as they could be is better than one miserable person being 100% carbon neutral.

Favourite Food: Burritos!

Wexford - Phil
Phil Cool Planet Champions

Name: Phil Walker

Location: New Ross, Co. Wexford

Interests: Climate change (funnily enough), international rugby, music, vintage cars, keeping (reasonably) fit.

Climate Change hero: Unquestionably Greta Thunberg. What an incredibly brave, selfless and focussed young lady. Puts old fogies like me to shame.

Sustainable living tip/life hack: Measure your carbon footprint. It is quite easy to do it for your energy use. It will point you to the biggest impacts you have, and therefore where best to start making changes.