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At the Cool Planet Experience we believe that sustainability is the future of business. Our Cool Planet Convince offerings include team building experiences, executive sustainability training and large-scale systems consulting to help your business become a climate positive company.

Transform your Team

The Cool Planet Team Experience is typically a half-day that includes the Cool Planet Experience interactive tour, plus a team innovation workshop and/or catering on request. Our innovation workshops are driven by the challenges of sustainable energy and renewable materials, such as ground breaking new materials to replace plastics. All team experiences can be tailored to suit your industry and ethos. Please enquire for your group and our engagement team will liaise with you to build your bespoke experience.


Corporate Workshops


Cool Companies: Transform Your Business

cool companies

We believe sustainability isn't a threat to the future of business - we believe it is the future of business. We are working to help companies leap on to a planet-cooling pathway - a step-change in culture, water, energy, food & plastics.

We are transforming world-leading businesses from the inside out, reshaping their operations to create zero carbon businesses. We already working with leading Irish companies to eliminate plastic packaging, create innovative models to deploy renewable technologies, and invest in native forestry to sequester carbon. Keelings, Brown Thomas and Vodafone are among the many corporate leaders who have come to us to create a planet cooling corporate transition.

If you want to join the sustainability revolution & transform your company email


Cool Planet Corporate Champions - Executive Training

Cool Planet Corporate Champions training provides your team with the platform to start their journey to becoming advocates and champions for climate action in your organisation. Our interactive workshop enables your team to explore climate action solutions for key high carbon areas such as transport, energy and waste. Inspired by Al Gore's Climate Reality Leadership programme, our workshop will help your team understand the science and impacts of climate change, and the key solutions available right now and breakthroughs that will drive the future transition. The training will explore Ireland's position now, its challenges and where it stands globally. We provide a forum for in-depth questions and answers followed by a session where you consider how meaningfully you think about carbon in your day to day working and personal lives.

 This tailored training is delivered by Cool Planet Experience CEO Vicky Brown and Dr Cara Augustenborg, one of Ireland’s leading environmental scientists and communicators. It will provide a launch platform, enabling your team to put climate action at the centre of their business decision making and thought processes.

 Duration: Over 3 hours

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Cool Planet Warriors -  Employee Training

Tackling climate change requires action at all levels of society and it starts with the individual. Helping your employees live a sustainable work and home life can be a game-changer. You can offer your team an empowering launch pad by hosting a Cool Planet Warriors training course in your offices.

 This one hour session is designed to give your employees an insight into the issues of climate change as well as the skills and confidence to implement best practice and climate friendly solutions across food, transport and other areas in their everyday lives.

We take the serious subject of climate change and make it engaging, and at times fun, so that people are receptive to the take home messages and are encouraged to become an Agent of Change. Duration 45/60 minutes

Cool Planet Forest Fund

Cool Planet Experience has launched the Future Forest Fund to enable organisations to offset their carbon emissions by planting native forestry in Ireland.

We have developed a range of innovative models, working with land owners, farmers, communities and corporates to leverage the finance and commitment needed to plant native forest after native forest around the country to cool the planet. Cool Planet is also developing a scheme to enable individuals to invest in Irish native forestry as an offset. 

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