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Calor Sponsor Story


Calor is Ireland’s leading supplier of gas to homes and businesses located off the natural gas network. In 2018, Calor will become the first Irish supplier of BioLPG, a 100% renewable energy source. This will be the first time that Irish domestic and commercial energy customers will be able to choose a renewable gas, further reducing their carbon use.

sharon nolan calor Cool Planet Experience

Sharon Nolan ,

Marketing Manager


Why sponsor the Cool Planet Experience?

The Cool Planet Experience will help drive change, particularly among the younger audience. For us, it is all about the educational piece & the more we can support that, the better!


What is Calor doing for the planet?

Calor aim to reduce both their customers’ environmental impact and their own. They have adopted best practice in terms of sustainability and encouraging all of their suppliers to do likewise. They established the Calor Sustainability Team in 2011 & there has been significant progress made across the organisation to measure, manage, coordinate and communicate actions taken to drive improvement in sustainability. This includes reducing energy consumption, water use and the amount of waste that goes to landfill. Their smart choices include;

• Micro Combined Heat and Power (Micro CHP) systems in the Dublin Port offices generate electricity and feed it back into the grid.

• Air Handling Units fitted in Calor offices with high efficiency condensing boilers recovering 70% of heat.

• The heating systems and boilers in Calor filling plants were upgraded, resulting in efficiency improvements of up to 90%.

• Water Harvesting Systems and water meters are reducing water usage.

• Investment in logistics systems which are creating greater efficiency in re-fuelling plants and delivery processes.

• A range of company wide recycling initiatives.

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Did you know?

80 years ago, Calor was already empowering Irish homes to become more environmentally friendly, by moving to a cleaner heat & lighting option with LPG.