Image Magazine: Life of a millennial: I’m learning to drive at 28 and have mixed feelings

fter years of saying 'no, I'm fine on the bus, thanks', I'm finally learning to drive. My decision to do so is proving to be a moral dilemma

Hi, I'm a millennial.

Like many of my friends born between 1981 and 1996, I don't know how to drive. Having grown up near a (somewhat) decent bus route on the outskirts of Dublin, I never had much of a need to learn.

After all, why fork out thousands of euro on a vehicle, car tax, insurance and fuel when I can just board a 39A for €2.60-a-pop on my Leap Card? To me, driving made zero economic sense (plus you can't benefit from the very convenient bus lanes).

But I've recently had a change of heart.

Now aged 28, my circumstances have changed. I live (what feels like a million) miles away from my job and the public transport systems aren't the May West. What's more, I'm aware my parents are getting older, and I'd like to have the option to bring them from A to B if needed.

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