Irish Examiner: How to make a green getaway with an environmentally friendly holiday


Green tourism, eco-friendly, carbon-footprints. They’re the travel buzzwords of our generation.

However, while many cultural campaigns tend to trend and fade, there’s a real stand-out factor when it comes to the sustainable travel movement. The truth is: it’s here to stay. Today, global tourism accounts for almost 10% of all carbon emissions, meaning the planet has never needed its globetrotters to be more green when they travel. And just like with the food and fashion industries, slow-tourism is now starting to emerge as a strong sector — with immersive travel in one area in, country-ticking for Instagram bragging rights out. That’s not to say you need to staycation in Ireland for life — but whether you’re holidaying in Bantry or Bora Bora, little choices can make a big impact.

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