Opening in 2018

The Cool Planet Experience will introduce Ireland’s first interactive climate change experience!

Have you ever wondered about all this weird weather that we have been having? What is it all about? What can YOU do? What can YOUR country do?

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View of the reception area with people waiting



Embark on a Journey of Climate Change Discovery!

Come and immerse yourself in the story of our changing climate, experience how it affects us & our planet. Be inspired to make a difference & more!

Cross the globe and experience first hand the rising temperatures of the ever-increasing heatwaves, the enveloping thunders of the calving glaciers and the deafening roars of the depleting forests. Now is your chance to get up close and personal with what our changing climate looks, sounds & feels like around the world!

We will give you the opportunity of a lifetime to work together and travel back in time to fix your city overrun with pollutant belching factories, gridlocked traffic & filthy waste dumps to try and transform it into a smart, energy efficient and healthy place to live? 

All of this & so much more – at the Cool Planet Experience we aim to challenge, engage and most of all inspire you towards a cooler, healthier & “planet-friendlier” life! The experience is emotive, energetic, technological and above all else enjoyable.


In the meantime, let our workshops inspire & entertain you!

Are you interested in learning all about our amazing planet & how it’s changing? Do you want to learn what you can do? Do you love science, technology, engineering & maths? Then let us inspire & entertain you!

We’ll come to your birthday, club, event or whatever to show you what climate change is all about. You’ll get to play, question, quiz & build in our 2 hour STEM workshop.

Aimed at 7 to 12 years olds, these 2 hour workshops offer a hands-on approach to learning where children are actively involved in the session rather than just being told what to do.

Our Planeteers are highly trained in the art of fantabulous fun & they would be only delighted to meet you! We have availability over the next month so book now!


The Cool Planet Experience will be nestled within the beautiful, scenic surrounds of Powerscourt House and Gardens in Enniskerry, Co Wicklow. 

Driving or car sharing? Take the N11 southbound (Wexford). At approximately 19km, take exit 7 for Bray south, Enniskerry, Powerscourt Gardens. Turn left at roundabout, over flyover and rejoin N11 heading north. Take first left for Enniskerry Village (Exit 6a). Continue along road to Enniskerry Village. Take the road to the left of the clock tower, in the village square, continue up steep hill for 600m. Powerscourt entrance is on the right-hand side opposite church entrance.

Or hop on the bus? The closest public transportation from the city to the estate are the 185 and 44 bus services which leave visitors in Enniskerry village in County Wicklow, a short walk from the centre!

Coordinates: 53°11’05”N 6°11’13”W / 53.18472°N 6.18694°W

Vicky Brown


Having spent 20 years in professional roles in advertising, fundraising, and strategic philanthropy Vicky is driven by social change being at the heart of all she does.
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Having seen how change is achievable and big ideas can become reality – she is delighted to be at the forefront of The Cool Planet Experience engaging the Irish public on how we become more sustainable, and ultimately carbon free.

When shes not on ‘The Cool Planet’ she can be found running around Dun Laoghaire either solo, chasing her kids, or ever escaping dog… or just having a coffee and watching the world go by.

Philip Smyth

Head of Public Engagement

Philip is an award winning scientist with over 11 years experience in designing, developing and delivering public engagement programs all over Ireland.
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He is a physicist and an engineer, loving all things weird, wonderful and explosive. He is also an accomplished presenter with RTÉ having written and presented on over 160 shows including his latest project, Insiders.
Phil sees the Cool Planet experience as not just a great place to have some fun but as a necessity to inform people of the importance of climate change and what they can do to really make a difference.
When not working, Phil goes to extremes to relax. This means you can find him flying around on a segway, jetski or a horse but not necessarily at the same time.

Sinéad Crowley

Design Coordinator

If it needs designing, Sinéad is there at the helm. After years of working in architecture & design, she decided to pursue her passion for sustainability mixed with design & joined the Cool Planet team Read More
Her mantra is “living a good life & good design should never cost the earth”. With an energy & a passion she strives to make the intimidating world of climate change & sustainability accessible to all – through interesting & stimulating experiences.

Outside of the office she can be found in the ocean – surfing her heart out in West Cork


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Norman Crowley

Founder & Board Chair

Norman is the original Cork maverick – he likes a challenge and has thrown his hat at welding farm gates, packing apple computers to building two highly successful tech empires.
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His recent business ‘Crowley Carbon’ has ignited a passion for action on climate change especially inspired by Naomi Klein’s book ‘This changes everything’. The Cool Planet Experience is his vision to engage the public and schools not only on the impact of global warming and what that is doing to our climate, but also to focus on the cool new technologies and solutions that are being developed to make us carbon free.

When not taking on new business challenges, he can be found running up the hills of Enniskerry or indulging in a bar of dark chocolate, having a quiet moment

Clyde Pereira

Board Member

Clyde is a good representation of the multicultural diversity facing our future generations. Born in Kenya, his parents are from an Indian and Portuguese origin. Clyde has a Welsh wife and 4 children, one of which was born in the UK and the rest in Ireland.
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Clyde spent over 30 years in the Beverage Industry in senior Leadership roles with an iconic brand before establishing CPG Digital Consulting Ltd, to prepare traditional companies on how to address the Tsunami impact of the Digital Era.Clyde is an investor and board member in a diverse range of companies from Technology, Beverage through to Equestrian, and is also passionate about ‘Kleine Herzen’, a charity he helped launch to address the plight of the forgotten children in Eastern European Orphanages.

Sarah Slazenger

Board Member

Sarah has been part of the management team at Powerscourt Estate for 25 years but has spent her whole life revelling in every secret nook and cranny of the estate and cherishing one of the world’s great gardens and houses.
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The challenge has been to take a house that was almost destroyed in 1974 by a terrible fire and an estate that was no longer viable and find ways to move on that complement its rich history and character. She sees the Cool Planet Experience as perfect for this aim and totally symbiotic with Powerscourt. She also sees the enterprise as a small cog in the safe future of her family who like Sarah treasure the outdoor life.

George Polk

Board Member

George is a true climate change advocate with a vast portfolio and a passion for building a low carbon economy! In previous years, he worked alongside George Soros investing in various climate change businesses who were both profitable and impactful.
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Prior to this George was the Senior Advisor on Climate Change to McKinsey – a global thought leader on commercial response to climate change. In 2007 George founded the European Climate Foundation, which is now the European sister organisation to the U.S. Energy Foundation and the China Sustainable Energy Program. He was also the Senior Advisor to the ClimateWorks Foundation, globally the largest philanthropic funder of work on climate change and an additional small group of very high net worth individuals, designing and implementing major philanthropic strategies related to climate change. At present he is a partner of the Tulum Trust, making major investments to achieve his low carbon dream. George also sits on the board of Richard Branson’s Carbon War Room.

Anna Pringle

Board Member

Anna has spent her career focusing on people, change, communication and culture, working to build strong organisations and teams in her various roles. She is passionate about developing people to their full potential and about the need to protect the environment.
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As a director of the NTR Foundation, she is proud to have supported a variety of projects that will help secure a greener future. She is very excited about the potential of the Cool Planet Experience to play a role in educating and engaging people of all ages to make a difference.

Originally from Donegal, Anna’s favourite place to be is on a cliff above the wild Atlantic, or screaming her lungs out supporting Donegal at Croke Park.

Frank McGovern

Board Member

Frank joined the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in 2000 where he heads development of Climate Change Research – providing scientific & technical advice on Climate Change within the EPA & and more including to governmental departments.
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He holds a PHD in Atmospheric Physics from NUIG and before joining the EPA he worked in scientific research on climate and air pollution issues. He is a member of a number of expert bodies & advisory panels both nationally & within the EU (Mitigation of Climate Change, Climate Change Science) & a member of the governing body of JPI Climate. He has led the Ireland delegation to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and a member of the Ireland delegation to the UN Framework on Climate Change and attended the recent COP21 meeting in Paris. Frank’s goal: to inform effective actions on Climate Change & enable these through policy & practice


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